Spring Time Fever 

It’s finally officially SPRING!! So, I thought I would catch up on some blogging. Because, I swear this has been the busiest time of my life so far! It’s probably helping me prepare for how busy we will be once Evie gets here! 
Anyways, I am SO excited that April is almost here!! Not only for the weather but husband will be home during most of the day, everyday!! And, he is going to be part of a weight loss competition at work with his dad. We are super excited about this! It’s a 12 week challenge and I’ll be participating at home just for the extra nutritional part. Plus, getting some exercise  in will be great for me and the baby this last bit of my pregnancy! But the best part, is that we will all get to do this together. I’m excited that Brody will get to participate during exercise as he wishes, and hopefully begin a positive outlook while he’s young! Ian really can’t wait to give this all he’s got! 

-Busy guys, working on the yard! –

For the first time in or lives together, I feel like everything is brewing up the perfect storm for our family. I’m home full time, Ian has a job with great hours, and our home is finally more settled! No more waiting tables or late nights coaching or extra jobs to go do! And since Ian will be home for more meals, making food choices will be easy. Mostly because we can cook together! Which is always more fun anyways!! 

-Newly madeover prep area! I’m in love! All of my spices are uniform and easily in reach! Wooo! –

So, we’ve already got a solid plan down. I’m not as exhausted or as sick as I was, and I’m grateful to be leading in the kitchen. Ian and I will be sharing daily meals, recipes, and progress on Instagram! Starting April 1st, the first day of the competition.

 Find us > @undefinedrawra and @ian.barnes23 to join us or see what we’re up to!  

So far, we are just getting deeper into our previous plans, with renewed purpose! We will be following a plant based Whole Foods approach with daily juicing. Basically, nothing from animals, no processed or refined foods, less salt, no alcohol, and little caffeine. Which leaves only good things like fruit, veggies, grains, beans and legumes, and nuts and seeds. Lots of water and herbal teas as well! Tons of nutrition for better functioning bodies! 

Ian plans to pair this lifestyle with yoga, strength, and cardio training. I’ll be joining in with modified ways of exercise too! But, I figure I’ll lay down some of our reasons why. Why this exact plan? 

First and foremost, we want to do this for our kids. We want to help create healthy lifestyle choices early so they have less of a chance of having our struggles. Children who eat less refined/ junk foods and more nutrient dense foods grow stronger, have more success in school, and have an easier time focusing and learning in everyday life. I want our kids to grow up making good choices and having confidence in themselves. With obesity rates going up in children, the gift of health is truly more important than ever. 

-Mr. Active Bubby!-

Secondly, we have financial goals. By choosing to cook at home and eat out less, we hope to save money. We have goals for getting out of debt! On average for our family, eating a meal out ranges from $40-$70 each time. That adds up pretty fast! And that’s a good chunk of what could just be grocery money over a week! 

Next, our own personal goals of course. I want to be strong, healthy mentally, and recover quickly for my babies. I have clothes I want to fit into that are waiting for me. I want to have energy and get the most out of the life I’ve been given. I want to be able to navigate my body as comfortably as possibly, with less aches and pains. And overall, prevent myself from struggling with preventable disease. I want less acne breakouts,  more flexibility, better endurance, and to be strong and confident in myself. 

For Ian, he has goals for work as well! He wants to become a part of specialized teams. He wants to have more energy, become strong, get into clothes he bought, and become mentally stronger too. He has goals of completing competitions like the Tough Mudder and The Spartan. He wants to have less aches and pains. And of course have renewed confidence and comfort in his own skin. 

Lastly, because this makes the most sense for us. No depriving. Less prep time and precautions during cooking. Less of a moral dilemma about consuming animals and how that effects our Earth. And more benefits than any other “diet” can give us. Better skin, hair, nails, recovery, sleep, moods, motivation, strength, longevity, and overall health. 

-New open shelving making my life SO much easier! And! Honey got my plants a new home in the window! Yay! –

So, I just thought I’d let you all know! Because we have goals and maybe you do too! If you want to do this together, check out our journey and help keep us on track too. Life is short, so why not go for a better you? Why not eat more good and less bad? The benefits outweigh everything else. Even if you just want more veggies in your life, we are here to support you too! 

And with it finally being springtime, I’m ready to get out and into the sun! I can’t wait to get a garden started and soak up all the newness that’s about to happen! I’ve got spring fever and I’m tired of house projects! Well… not really but… it’s time to get out and be a part of nature again. 

Thanks for reading everyone! Add us on IG if you’d like. I hope you’re all awesome! 


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