Winter… Yuck. 

Oh Colorado. I know it’s now February and that I was just fooling myself with dreams of spring. You can’t really blame me! January really gave us some beautiful warm days there at the end. However, those dreams are buried under inches of snow and black ice all around town. Thanks… thanks for reminding me that you are still a crazy cold month. Reality check taken. 

– Thank you side walk salt-

Today, I’m not getting anything done. I’m aggravated at the same time that I’m like… ehhh all right. The Bubby and I had a relaxing day yesterday and went to lunch with my fabulous mother-in-law and our friend Staci. On our way out the door we had a spill down the stairs. We never saw the black ice!!!! Fortunately, we are just a little banged up. But today I’m feelin’ it!! But, seeing a couple old friends at lunch yesterday was definitely a bright spot! We went to River City (after an EPIC FAIL at another local establishment..), my former workplace. My girl Sarah served us and made everything fabulous, fun, and perfect! I adore her ❤️! And, she hooked us up with a friend that might do our reveal cake for baby number 2! Yay!! So, after enjoying a splurge meal, great company, and catching up with friends, we were spent! As soon as Brody was strapped into the car, he was OUT!!! He even slept through me taking off his layers of coats! So, we snuggled in the big bed and slept until 7:30!!!! From 4:30-7:30!!! I decided I will no longer have mommy guilt for taking naps with Bubby mid day. I realize we BOTH need that break from each day. I realized I’m a much better person and mommy when I get some extra chill time. Like I always say… making humans is hard work!!! 

– A zonked out Bubby right out of the car, and Moose goes in for the snuggle! –
Sooooo! That was perfect timing because we didn’t have to wait for Ian to get home much longer after that. I still felt restless so we decided to meet up at V.I. for an easy dinner and pie and coffee with mom and dad. Following that, we went to Walmart and got our grocery shopping done! Seriously, eating plant based makes shopping SO fast! Everything is right by the front!! Definitely another upside! I always feel kinda blah when I eat “off meals” so I think I’m done with that for a little while. If you think about it, eating calorie rich but nutrient poor foods really takes a toll on digestion and energy levels. Blood sugar can get all crazy and then you feel sluggish. In my case, I get migraines. Sooo, today I’m back on the regular and feeling really good! Besides the back pain, I’m tip top! Though… the weather is bumming me out, ha ha! 

-cinnamon apples for the win!-

Rest, recharge, reboot. That’s the goal today. I had some blood work done a couple days ago and HOLY GUACAMOLE something didn’t go quite right. My dang arm is so sad right now, and moving it too much is super annoying. So…. no matter how much I want to do projects, I’ll not be stubborn today. A part of me wants to paint and clean and decorate and organize!! But ehh… I’m cold and in my fluffy penguin pants so I think we will snuggle, eat, and play video games instead. Maybe I’ll do a little planning on Pinterest lol. I’m pretty paranoid of going outside anyways… literally black ice ALL over town!!! 

-Green Juice makes it all better!!! Spinach, kale, orange, ginger, coconut water, cucumber, apple. Yum!!!! Tons of nutrients to make me healthy.-

-brand new hat matches the jammies today! Adorable! –

First thing today, we got a package from my mom in Texas! There’s tons of fun goodies I can’t wait to use! Bubby got a new hat that he’s been wearing all day now. In the package, mom sent me spices and a fun angel charm. Definitely made today a little less blah! I got some of the cinnamon sticks she sent boiled for tea, and now the house smells delicious!! 

So, until spring comes back… I think I’m gonna just keep feeling crazy. But, it does give me time to take care of myself and do lots of play time with Bubby. Lately, I’ve been able to work more on my skin and I am SO happy with today’s results!! A huge sign of inner health is what your outer self shows. You’ll see in your hair, skin, nails, and eyes what’s going on from the inside. Did you know that each part of the face corresponds to different organs? It’s a great indicator for what ailment is happening that you may not know about. Especially in breakouts, you can figure out what needs detoxing or more care. And everything can be fixed with the right nutrition. Let your food be your medicine!! Because the only way to take care of yourself is from the inside out. That could literally be eating more cucumbers and drinking more water! These past couple weeks, I’ve been working on drawing out toxins from the outside with homemade mud masks. I’ve switched my hygiene products to self made or all natural. Lastly, I’ve been juicing for extra nutrients and eating little to no processed foods or animal products. I have not felt this good in EVER! And I’m at a total 180 from my first trimester, when I was on a standard diet and using “normal” products daily. 

-ouch ouch OUCH!-

So, the point I was getting to was, my face has been seriously detoxing. During this process, it usually always gets worse before it gets better. You never realize how sick you truly are until you make consistent changes. I’m thinking I’m super close to finally achieving the skin of my dreams!! My face is less dull, the texture is improving, and less inflammation or breakouts! My eyes are brighter, I recover quicker, my hair is stronger and shinier, and my nails are seriously amazingly strong!! I have less aches and pains! I’m managing my weight really well! I’m still fitting into a lot of my clothes (YES!). And overall, aside from hormones, my moods and feelings are really balanced! That’s a pretty big deal for someone who deals with anxiety and depression frequently. Again, when you get the right nutrients, your body performs and heals the right way! My brain is very thankful! So, I’ll put on a mud mask, drink my juice, eat my fruits and veggies, and just chill. Because, it’s that easy. It’s only complicated if you make it. I look out the window and think…. winter… yuck. 

-my window mandala makes me smile-


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